Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breaking The Electronics Addiction

“Hello, my name is John”

     “Hello, John,”

“Umm, I am addicted to electronics,”

     Honestly, I wonder is there a twelve step program for electronics addiction? I do have something of an addictive personality. I mean, in the big scheme of things, I have no real reason to be constantly checking my iPhone. Nothing requires me to do this, in terms of a job or waiting on some important message. It goes something like this: check email, check twitter, check facebook and check for new or breaking news; wait five to ten minutes and repeat. I am just compelled to do it. I need to be connected, I need to know. Much to my chagrin it has become a crutch that prevents me from being productive for long periods at a time, especially with writing, which requires devoted time and focus.

     I guess it is due to a need to be stimulated in my otherwise pedestrian life. Like being a husband and father of three isn’t enough, I need more; I need my intellectual curiosity satisfied. I should say here, I have not worked in quite some time, I am on disability and have been trying to get back to work, and I do not get the same level of human interaction as most people do. Over the years I have become accustomed to these electronic experiences, but living viscerally through others only leads to contempt (I have quit facebook at least three times because of this.) This person is on a Mexican vacation, this person is on their boat, etc…. I need to live my own damn life. I need a plan!

     A person that has not worked in quite some time is less aware of the constraints of time then those who are employed. I need a schedule. Since I have truly devoted myself to writing and have the time to do it, I will schedule writing time. Like with any other addiction one is trying to overcome, replace the addiction time with productive time. So from 9am- 12pm I will write, only using my phone if someone calls me. My wife gets home at 12; we usually spend some quality time together, not going to change that. I will leave my afternoons open, for reading and checking my electronic existence. After children get home, take care of homework, make supper, and finish evening chores, etc… write for an hour. I’m thinking I will use this time to write my blog. Then when my three little angels (haha) are in bed I will write from 9pm-11pm.

     The amount of time I give myself for electronics will be based on my production, like performance reports at a job are based upon production; both quality and quantity. I need to hold myself accountable, because I have no boss. I will beat this addiction and live the life myself. The only excuse I have for not succeeding is me, myself and I. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.


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  1. This is why I'm sometimes glad I don't have a smart phone. Only sometimes though.