Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Can, I Will, I Am

I can, I will, I am.

Life does not always have to be difficult, it CAN be quite simple. Most people want to improve their lives in some form or another. Before one begins to see any improvement they must first believe, I CAN do this. This is mostly a perception thing, but in all honesty before anything becomes a reality it must first be perceived. This stage is filled with mental reps, meditation upon that which you desire to achieve. There is no room for doubt, the outcome has to be viewed already accomplished. This conviction is important for the next stage; it is what WILL carry you through to your goal. The simple truth: Perception equal reality.

A CAN do outlook, must be willed into reality. This is the stage of hard work, sweat, tears and a continuous focus on the goal. Life is full of curve balls and detours, but the object of your desire must not be forgotten. Immediately distractions will occur, this is when continued mental reps becomes vital, you must still believe that despite whatever is being thrown at you you will overcome and continue towards your goal. Turn your distractions into accomplished goals and build on these accomplishments, using them as momentum becoming an unstoppable force. When the individual has a focused mind the problems that present themselves appear almost simultaneously with a resolution. No thought is wasted on worry and the necessary action is taken without hesitation. The simple truth: nothing easy to obtain is really worth having. Hard work and perseverance is the key to willing yourself on to accomplishing your goal.

This is the stage when your focused mental outlook and hard work come together in an orgasmic, karmic explosion. At least for me that is what it is like to achieve the ultimate goal, when you know what you have had your eye on is now in your possession and power flows from within your entire being. The truly successful people in this life take this a step farther. Once they have achieved their goal they already have a new goal set for themselves and let the momentum of achieving one ultimate goal easily leads to the accomplishment of their next objective. It is not that these people do not experience down times in their lives, they just roll with them and stay focused, as they say problems are just opportunities. The simple truth: enjoy your successes, but do not become enamored with them, using your created momentum set forth on accomplishing your next goal.

If it seems too simple it is not. It requires more work than most are willing to put into it. Most CAN perceive it, but few are able to WILL it to become the desired vision of “I AM” while even less are able to sustain the momentum. If you are able to accept that you CAN become what you WILL, you WILL become what you want and proudly proclaim “I AM!”


  1. Oh boy...

    What if I can't get to the CAN?

    You know what I think? I think it means, deep down I don't WANT.

    But what if I do?

  2. Some things are maybe better left in the mental stage. It's not quite as satisfying but at least offers some pleasant thoughts.

    I was gonna mention that this can be used for both good or bad goals, but when used for bad karma always bites ya in the ass! Kind of a becareful what you wish for.

  3. Interesting, John. I don't doubt a clear vision (perhaps written goals), belief it's possible... and most importantly dogged, determined positive steps in the direction of those goals are key. You must take action on that vision of success (whatever that might be... health, family, business, etceteras) or else it is just a pretty picture in your head.

  4. Yes, the action is the will part of the equation. If you spend all your time in the thought process all end up being is a dreamer. For too long I had spent thinking & not doing, now I am remaining focused as well as doing. I don't now if the story I am writing will ever get published but I know for certain i will finish it.

  5. I might add that even when I fail at a goal, I often step back, look at it again and try to figure a different solution. This is often the best learning tool for me, and I often end up getting to where I wanted to be by a different means than I thought possible.

  6. Cath, definitely, as long as you stay focused on obtaining the goal, I believe you will always find a way to accomplish it.

  7. I can't picture the end point with exercise- I've been trying to get myself started for 43 years!!! I've made countless starts but never achieved more than 8 months of effort. It's more like 2 days...I can't picture myself all fit and toned. Perhaps I should do more mental repeats??

  8. Hell I'm 38, my biggest problem was being too content with myself before I had actually accomplished anything. Mental reps will only take you so far, the rest comes from action & correct thinking. I would highly recommend reading Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin written circa 1920. Great book might be able to help.